Natalka Tseliuba, Yuliia Appen, Oleksandra Vasyna, Mykyta Lyskov, Ukraine

25 min


Language of dialogues Ukrainian, Russian

The film consists of true stories of Ukrainian migrant women in Europe, who tell us why they made their decisions to move and what their motivation was. Is the grass really always greener on the other side? And what is home, after all – is it four walls and a roof above your head, or a view from your window, a bench in the park, the smell of the city in the spring? Is it a place of strength which gives you a feeling of security and comfort, or is it a space that allows you to realise your creative ambition, or is it a person who accepts you as you are? Together with the protagonists, we move there and back again, between home and not-home, between the past and the present, between Ukraine and not-Ukraine, immersing ourselves in their worldviews and testing our own.


  • Docudays-2017 (national competition)