Anna Korzh, Ukraine

15 min


Language of dialogues Ukrainian, Russian

Home is the place where you store your dreams, your happiness, your serenity. But what do you do when you have to leave immediately, without thinking? Then there is nothing left to do but keep home in your heart and dream about coming back with every fiber of your soul. Tetiana has lived all her life in the Luhansk region, but due to the war, she has to decide whether to lose home or to lose her life. She left for the sake of her son’s security. They lived in Kyiv for almost a year, but the worries about her mother and homesickness were stronger, and she decides to come back to take her mom with her, and to be at home at least for a moment again…


  • Docudays-2016 (national competition)
  • Open Night-2016 (out of competition)